Our Approach

We want to make sure that the product and service we offer is in line with the desires of the investor. Our empathetic approach instills a sense of trust and confidence in that we will deliver a successful result.

Project Selection

Our management team has extensive practical experience in development, operations and finance. By employing these real-world skills to areas that can make or break your EB-5 investment, we pride ourselves on partnering with only the safest and most predictable projects.

Investor Relationships

When you partner with Green Card Fund you become part of our family. We’ll work closely with you and your immigration attorney to assist in the applications. When you immigrate to the U.S., Green Card Fund will always be accessible for anything that you and your family may need.

Legal Review

We understand that your successful immigration to the United States is a life-changing event for you and your family.  Because your immigration application is such an important milestone, we offer complimentary legal review of all immigration documents prior to submission to USCIS.  Our unique legal review, coupled with our diligent project selection process, has resulted in a 100% success rate for Green Card Fund investors. 

Industry Leadership

By staying ahead of changes in EB-5 regulations and policy, we’re able to keep you up to date on information and insights that are relevant to your EB-5 success.


Integrity is an important part of our culture.  We take steps to ensure compliance with all USCIS regulations and perform regular annual reporting to USCIS.


Transparency is a guiding principle of our business.  By providing regular reports to our investors on project status, along with live 24/7 project construction cameras for all projects, we keep our investors and partners well informed and consistently updated.  This extends to education on the EB-5 industry, regulatory changes and company news.