Completed Projects


A Series of Firsts

Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Casa Grande, AZ

The first charter school project in EB-5 and the first successfully funded EB-5 project in Arizona, Odyssey Preparatory Academy was also Green Card Fund’s very first EB-5 project.

Odyssey Preparatory Academy is fully constructed and operational, creating community benefit for students, teachers, and parents who place a high value on education in Casa Grande, Arizona.

The school would not have been possible without EB-5 funding.  Located in a school district with failing test scores, Odyssey Preparatory Academy gives families access to a college-focused curriculum that yields results.

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    Casa Grande, AZ

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    Projects Cost:
    $7.7 Million
    EB-5 Raise:
    $4.5 Million

EB-5 Saves Lives

Green Valley Hospital – Green Valley, AZ

Green Valley Hospital is a shining example of how EB-5 can work for community benefit.   A retirement community of 45,000+ with an average age of 71.2 years old, and the closest hospital over 30 minutes away, Green Valley was in desperate need of a hospital.

We brought an experienced developer together with 112 EB-5 investors to make Green Valley Hospital a reality.  Today, the 50-bed acute care hospital provides a wide range of services to the residents of Green Valley.  These include: emergency services, radiology, cardiology, preventative medicine, surgery and oncology.

Today, Green Valley Hospital is treating patients and saving lives thanks to EB-5.   Over 300 volunteers have signed up to donate their time to the hospital, showing real community engagement and support.

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    Green Valley, AZ

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    Project Cost:
    $79 Million
    EB-5 Raise:
    $56 Million



“Green Valley Hospital project is a fantastic investment! It not only benefited myself, but also benefits the whole community and society.”

Ms. Zhou
Satisfied Client

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Revitalizing Historic Phoenix

Luhrs Downtown Marriott – Phoenix, AZ

Rising high above Phoenix’s oldest skyscraper, Luhrs Downtown Marriott will be a striking addition to the historic Luhrs block.

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s entertainment and nightlife district, Luhrs Downtown Marriott is conveniently located within walking distance of the NBA Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Convention Center.

The 320-room luxury skyscraper will beautify the city’s skyline and bring much-needed jobs to downtown Phoenix.

Opened May 2017