Hacienda At The River – EB-5 Update


The Hacienda got a roof and many workers whose jobs were created by EB-5 investment can work inside. A relief considering temperatures outside above 40C. However, even summer temperatures have not slowed down progress and general contractor Weitz Construction continues to report to be ahead of schedule.

The raise of EB-5 capital reaches the final stretch and soon the project will achieve its final state of capitalization. As all required capital is secured the project is well on track for completion of construction and the timely start of operations in early 2017.

Hacienda Live Camera
Many Hacienda investors from all over the world have watched “their” project develop.
Click here for a detailed and real time view of the Hacienda at the River construction site. Use the time-lapse function to watch the development of the site since construction started in October 2015.

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